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The Bottom Line

May 2012

Unlocking Incredible Print Cost Reductions


Print costs are often an elusive expense that is difficult to track down effectively and reduce.  Consider how many people in your organization have a printer?  Consider all of the projects that are printed at centrally located printers?  Consider all of the paper purchased?  Consider all other print not commonly associated with print costs including:  direct mail, publications, training manuals, HR materials, brochures, etc. 

When you consider all of those elements of print, the cost seems quite difficult to reign in because it is spread out throughout so many departments and cost centers.  » Read More (PDF)

About Us

In today's competitive business environment, success is continually measured by bottom-line results.  Beginning in 1993, CCR has used a proven system for expense reduction that has been directly responsibile for generating significant cost savings for clients in many industries.

We generally target indirect and consumable expense categories. We sometimes look at our client's direct spend and utilize technologies such as reverse auctions.  Our strategy is to consolidate the number of suppliers, leverage the spend, negotiate better terms with our client's existing suppliers, and/or recommend a proven alternative supplier.  Our process is effective and we do all the work!

Regardless of the size of your organization, savings can almost always be generated.  Best of all, our services are contigency based.  No savings, no fee! 

To learn more about CCR, click here or contact Vic Ronder at [email protected].


Getting Creative About Cost Cutting


Reducing expenses is not always simply about getting a better deal or buying less of something.  Sometimes, it is about making better use of something you already have. 

Andrew Kneeshaw, Commercial Director of principal building contractor, Sanderson, shares his top 10 list for embarking on a successful refurbishment project.
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Did you know? ↓

"Heads up" on Accounting Regulation

imageIf you are a public corporation and are subject to mandatory audits or are considering going public, consider the latest rule in debate at the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB).  The PCAOB is considering a rule to require companies to switch accounting firms every few years. 
» Read More (PDF)

Office Supplies

Situation:  A 200 person firm with offices in three locations was spending approximately $125,000 annually for office supplies.  They utilized three different suppliers.  There were no contracts in place and the company orders were placed mostly by fax. 

Analysis:  CRR proposed a) leveraging the total spending volume utilizing a single supplier; b) consolidation and standardization of supplies; c) a contract for both core items (frequently purchased) as well as other items; d) online ordering; e) a single monthly summary invoice; and f) utilizing a purchasing card for payment.  

Results:  Average annual savings of 15% for core items and 55% for all other items; nearly 60% of all purchases are contract items vs. 0% previously; online ordering eliminated paper requisitions and fax orders; supplier offered the company a one-time incentive rebate of $5,000 and a 0.05% payment discount for using the purchasing card.  This reduced the payment cycle by over 25 days on average.

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