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The Bottom Line

April 2013

How to Inspire and Lead Change

imageChange is not easy. We know it from personal experience. However, we also know it’s possible. The challenge is figuring out what separates the successful attempts from the unsuccessful ones. Change in business is made even more difficult because it may involve customers, employees, and the organization as a whole. If changing a personal habit is difficult, imagine a larger audience.

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About Us

In today's competitive business environment, success is continually measured by bottom-line results.  Beginning in 1993, CCR has used a proven system for expense reduction that has been directly responsibile for generating significant cost savings for clients in many industries.

We generally target indirect and consumable expense categories. We sometimes look at our client's direct spend and utilize technologies such as reverse auctions.  Our strategy is to consolidate the number of suppliers, leverage the spend, negotiate better terms with our client's existing suppliers, and/or recommend a proven alternative supplier.  Our process is effective and we do all the work!

Regardless of the size of your organization, savings can almost always be generated.  Best of all, our services are contigency based.  No savings, no fee! 

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Your Biz Needs Insights, Not Just Pretty Pictures

imageData visualization is taking hold now because of two trends. The first: big data is here, it must be analyzed, and one of the best ways to make sense of it is with visual representations. And two, the tools to create good data visualizations are being democratized, which has led to a growing community of programmers, designers, and statisticians who can apply their analytical and intuitive powers to creating meaningful visual stories.
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Deliver Big Impact on a Small Budget

imageOne of the biggest challenges social entrepreneurs face is securing funding to set up their organizations and realize their ideas. Especially in the early days, it can be nearly impossible to pay the rent, give employees a decent salary, and hire the external help you need. But does helping people really need to be so expensive? Or can social entrepreneurs use the same techniques that for profit startup entrepreneurs use, and still make a big impact on a smaller budget?
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US CEO's Plan to Tighten Supplier Links

imageChief executive officers (CEOs) at U.S. companies are looking to strengthen ties with their companies' suppliers this year. That was one of the key findings in the U.S. segment of the consulting firm PwC's "16th Annual Global CEO Survey."
Fifty-three percent of the 167 U.S.-based CEOs who took part in the research said they would strengthen engagement with key suppliers in 2013 to both minimize costs and maximize supply chain flexibility and delivery performance. Industries most focused on supplier engagement included industrial manufacturing, consumer goods, energy, and technology.
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