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The Bottom Line

Corporate Cost Reduction
June 2014

5 Ways to Start Cutting Costs Right Away

imageCutting costs is a great way to grow your bottom line since it impacts it directly. Finding those ways to save can sometimes seem like a daunting task and often you just don’t have enough time or resources to spend on that activity. Perhaps your time is better spent growing the business from the top line. Should you decide to evaluate the opportunities for cutting costs, here are five ways you can get started. » Read More

About Us

In today's competitive business environment, success is continually measured by bottom-line results.  Beginning in 1993, CCR has used a proven system for expense reduction that has been directly responsibile for generating significant cost savings for clients in many industries.

We generally target indirect and consumable expense categories. We sometimes look at our client's direct spend and utilize technologies such as reverse auctions.  Our strategy is to consolidate the number of suppliers, leverage the spend, negotiate better terms with our client's existing suppliers, and/or recommend a proven alternative supplier.  Our process is effective and we do all the work!

Regardless of the size of your organization, savings can almost always be generated.  Best of all, our services are contigency based.  No savings, no fee! 

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5 Useful Guidelines for Successful Negotiating

imageThanks to an increasingly complex global marketplace, today’s Chief Procurement and Supply Chain Officers employ as broad an array of skills as ever before. From the mastery of evolving technology to the sophisticated analysis of data, the universe of job requirements for these senior executives seems to grow each year. However, one constant among the necessary skills for procurement and supply chain executives is effective negotiation. Although developing effective negotiating skills takes time and practice, there are a number of general guidelines that can help executives negotiate in ways that ensure success for both their companies and themselves. Set forth below are five of these, which have been drawn from the more than 30 years of procurement-industry experience of Tom Linton, Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Officer at Flextronics, and several other Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Officers who have attended events hosted by Consero. » Read More

Logistics Becomes More Expensive

imageThe state of logistics is worrisome as logisticians struggled with uneven 2013 freight demand levels while bracing for a capacity crisis that is becoming “more severe,” a new definitive report on the sector says.
The highly anticipated 2013 “State of Logistics” report, compiled by analyst Rosalyn Wilson and presented by Penske and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), describes last year’s logistics environment as uneven. After a slow start to 2013, mid-year shipments were strong before a very deep dive at the end of the year with not much movement in freight rates across the modes.
But the picture appears much brighter for this year, with Wilson predicting 2014 to be the best year in the past eight. So far in the first five months this year, freight shipments are up 13.1 percent year-over-year with payments up 13 percent and higher rates and capacity problems looming, she said. » Read More

Standard Setters Issue Final Revenue Recognition Rule


After more than a decade of deliberation, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the issued a final standard this morning on the recognition of revenue from contracts with customers. For CFOs working for companies in the software, telecom, real estate and asset management industries, specifically, complying with the new rules could involve big overhauls in their accounting methods and systems, top standard setters said. But at a much broader swath of companies, finance chiefs will at least have to oversee a transition to broader disclosures on how sales are recognized. » Read More

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